Table 3

Positive cells in blood samples from healthy blood donorsa

Marker(s)Total samplesCK+ labeledDBL+ labeledb
Positive samplesCK+/106 (all samples)CK+/106 (CK+ samples)Positive samplesDBL+/106 (DBL+ sample)
CK5710 (17%)1.18 ± 0.537.28 ± 2.59
CK/Ep-CAM437 (16%)0.46 ± 0.212.85 ± 0.811 (2.3%)1.4
CK/GD2346 (18%)0.78 ± 0.444.41 ± 1.980 (0.0%)0
  • a Blood samples from healthy blood donors were labeled for cytokeratin alone or doubly labeled for CK/KSA or CK/GD2 (see “Materials and Methods”). Positive samples are those containing CK+ cells (in single labeling) or doubly labeled cells (in double labeling). Numbers of positive cells in each category are expressed per 106 cells analyzed and are given as mean ± SEM (except for the single positive cell in one sample containing 7.14 × 105 cells in the CK/Ep-CAM group).

  • b DBL+, doubly labeled.