Table 4

Detection of cytokeratin-positive cells in hematopoietic tissues of breast cancer patients before autologous BM transplantationa

Total samplesCK+ samples (all)CK+ samples (≥ 9 CK+/106 PBMCs)
BM samples6333522540
Stages II/III20735525
Stage IV4326602046
PB samples5920341424
Stages II/III13215215
Stage IV4618391226
SC samples23364272912
Stages II/III49112248
Stage IV18453292514
  • a BM, PB, and SC samples from a total of 156 patients were analyzed for cytokeratin-positive cells and total cell count. Note that there were multiple samples from some patients, whereas for others, only one kind of sample could be analyzed. “CK+ samples (all):” number of samples with at least one CK+ cell; “CK+ samples (≥ 9 CK+/106 PBMCs):” number of samples with nine or more CK+ cells per 106 PBMCs (mean + 2 SD of CK+ cells in normal PB; Table 3<$REFLINK> ). The highest numbers of CK+ cells per sample were 504/106 for BM, 371/106 for PB, and 1020/106 for SC.