Table 3

Probability of lesions not progressing to cancer after 5 years follow-up

LOH patternNo. of casesProportion (%) of nonprogressing cases (95% CI)aRR (95% CI)
No LOH48100
9p Het6993 (87–99)1.0
9p LOH4761 (48–78)3.97 (1.68–9.15)
3p Het8085 (76–95)1.0
3p LOH3663 (48–83)3.74 (1.76–7.93)
3p &/or 9p:
3p &/or 9p Hetb5698 (95–100)1.0
All cases with 3p &/or 9p LOH6063 (50–77)24.1 (3.3–176)
3p &/or 9p LOH (but no other arms)2674 (57–95)3.75 (1.32–10.7)
3p &/or 9p LOH (+ LOH at any other arm)3453 (38–74)33.4 (4.48–249)
3p &/or 9p+ others
3p &/or 9p LOH (but no other arms)2674 (57–95)1.0
3p &/or 9p plus 4q LOH1060 (36–99)2.3 (0.86–6.16)
3p &/or 9p plus 8p LOH1852 (32–84)2.59 (1.05–6.37)
3p &/or 9p plus 11q LOH1550 (29–86)2.49 (0.98–6.31)
3p &/or 9p plus 13q LOH80c7.08 (1.93–25.9)
3p &/or 9p plus 17p LOH2154 (35–83)2.2 (0.18–5.5)
  • a CI, confidence interval; RR, relative risk; Het, no LOH or no loss.

  • b Includes eight cases with LOH at other arms.

  • c Calculation does not include two nonprogressing cases that have less than 5 years of follow-up.