Table 2

Comparison of AES immunoscintigraphy and conventional check-up resultsa

Patient no.SiteTumors detected by classical pre-operative check-up:bTumors detected by immunoscintigraphyClassical preoperative check-up scorecImmunoscintigraphy scored
1Thyroid11ND11 TP1 TP
2Thyroid11ND11 TP1 TP
3Left neck00022 FN2 TP
4Right neck00011 FN1 TP
Left neck00011 FN1 TP
Pretracheal00011 FN1 TP
Right thorax0ND011 FN1 TP
6Right neck11151 TP4 TP
3 FN1 ND
1 ND
Thyroid area00011 FN1 FP
Pretracheal01111 TP1 TP
7Left neck01ND11 TP1 TP
Iliac bone0ND022 FN2 TP
8Right armpit11111 TP1 TP
9Left neck01ND11 TP1 TP
Thorax0ND011 FN1 TP
10Left neck01ND11 TP1 TP
Right neck00ND22 FN2 TP
Pretracheal00ND11 FN1 TP
Right mediastinum0NDND11 FN1 TP
11Left neck1NDND01 FP1 TN
Liver020>82 TP>8 TP
6 FN
12Left neck02ND22 TP2 TP
Sus clavicular right00ND11 TN1 FP
13Thyroid01101 FP1 TN
  • a This table summarizes the number of tumors detected before surgery by conventional check-up and those visualized by immunoscintigraphy (no tumor site was detected before surgery for patient n° 5).

  • b P, physical examination, US, ultrasonography; CT-scan, tomodensitometry.

  • c TP, true-positive; TN, true-negative; FP, false-positive; FN, false-negative; ND, not done.

  • d Final diagnosis established on pathological examination of surgical samples or of biopsy specimen (patient 7, iliac bone; patient 11), or coelioscopy (patient 11), or selective venous catheterization (patient 7, neck).