Table 3

Accuracy of RIGS (11 patients)

The operative field was explored with a hand-held gamma probe. A positive radioimmunoguided test was defined as greater than normal vicinal tissue counts plus twice the SD of normal tissue counts (i.e., the square root of the counts). The hand-held gamma probe counts were recorded and compared with the results of anatomopathological examination.

LocationSizea (cm)True-positiveTrue-negativeFalse-positiveFalse-negativeTrue/False
Lymph node≥1  2230025 /0
>0.55141019 /1
≤0.51685813101 /21
Othersb3324235 /6
Total (n = 208)461341315
  • a Largest dimension of the tumor.

  • b Others are tissues free of lymph nodes.