Table 3

Interactions between VDR genotypes and association with Breslow thickness

Significant associations of combined genotypes (e.g., ttff) were only accepted if they remained significant in the presence of the main effects (i.e., a model including ttff, tt, and ff). The reference category is all other genotype combinations (e.g., all other patients except those with ttff).

A. <1.5 vs. 1.5 mm
Genotype combination<1.5 mm≥1.5 mmPOR95% CI
ttffa2/158 (1.3%)3/45 (6.7%)0.0655.60.9–34.4
ttff or ttFfa10/158 (6.3%)9/45 (20.0%)0.0083.71.4–9.8
ttff or ttFfa0.0093.91.4–11.0
ttff or ttFfc0.0074.31.5–12.5
ttff or Ttffa17/158 (10.8%)6/45 (13.3%)0.6311.30.5–3.5
ttff or Ttffb0.2921.80.6–5.1
ttff or Ttffc0.3361.70.6–5.4
B. <3.5 mm vs. 2.3 mm
Genotype combination<3.5 mm≥3.5 mmPOR95% CI
ttffa2/191 (1.1%)3/12 (25.0%)<0.00131.54.7–212.7
ttff or ttFfa16/191 (8.4%)3/12 (25.0%)0.0713.60.9–14.8
ttff or ttFfb0.0753.80.9–16.4
ttff or ttFfc0.0904.80.8–29.5
ttff or Ttffa19/191 (9.9%)4/12 (33.3%)0.0224.51.2–16.4
ttff or Ttffb0.0057.81.8–32.9
ttff or Ttffc0.00612.32.1–73.1
  • a Uncorrected data.

  • b Corrected for age at presentation and gender.

  • c Corrected for age at presentation, gender, and head/neck tumor site.