Table 4

Association of variables with the risk of relapse by univariate analysis

VariablesRelative risk of relapse (95% CI)aP
Clinical stage
Tumor sizeN/A0.6
Lymph node positive3.4 (0.5–24)0.03
Pretreatment markers
ERUndefined (no relapse in ER-positive patients)0.009
Ki675 (1–21)0.08
Change in markers
Change in ERNo relapseN/A
Increase in PgRN/A0.8
Decrease in Ki670.1 (0.01–2.1)0.04
Change in SPFN/A0.8
Change in ploidyN/AN/A
  • a CI, confidence interval; N/A, not applicable as the variables were not significant and associated with insufficient events. Significant variables in bold.