Table 1

Clinical findings of 14 warm autopsies

CaseTreatmentaMonths to death after diagnosisAge at time of deathh to autopsy
1H, C, R35.8771.5
2H, C32.5592
3H, C, R21.0532.5
4R, C, H60.4713
5R, C, H69.5543.25
6P, R, H70.0712
7C, H65.6672.67
8P, C, H, R94.1681.67
9P, H, R, C168.1682.5
10R, C, H84.2781
11R, C, H39.8671.8
12H, C169.0793
13P, R, H, C143.9714.5
14H, C, R192.6752.5
  • a H, hormonal ablation (medical and surgical); C, chemotherapy; R, radiation (external beam); P, prostatectomy.