Table 1

Incidence of serum/plasma EBV DNA during various NPC management stages

DiagnosisStatusSamplePositiveTotal (case)%
NPCBefore treatmentSerum/plasma9816758.7
Known positive EBV DNA in serumSerum treated with DNAase142458.3
During radiotherapyPlasma (before Rx, 1, 2, 3–6 wks)a(9, 6, 3, 1)13(69, 46, 23, 7)
Recurrence or partial responsePlasma3560
Complete remissionPlasma0320
Normal controlSerum107713.0
  • a (before Rx, 1, 2, 3–6 wks) incidence of plasma EBV DNA before treatment at first, second, and third to sixth weeks during radiotherapy.