Table 2

Presence of MMTV-like ENV gene sequences in normal and malignant breast tissue

TissuenENVAge range (median) (yrs)Histopathological diagnosis
Normal breasta35
(100%)3520–84 (36)Histologically normal—either negative biopsy (25), reduction mammoplasty (5), or from breast containing a breast tumor (5)
Breast tumora73
(37%)27+28–87 (51)82% infiltrating ductal, 14% lobular, and 4% other breast carcinomas
(63%)4648–88 (68)81% infiltrating ductal, 13% lobular, and 6% other breast carcinomas
  • a Both normal and tumor patient populations were approximately 70% white, 20% Hispanic, and 10% African-American. The number of ENV-positive as well as ENV-negative breast tumors followed very closely this same distribution.