Table 2

Pharmacokinetic parameters of CPT-11 and its metabolites after three 90-min infusionsa

Cycle 1
Cmax (nm)1338.21214.72552.923.423.445.9414.6
tmax (h)
t1/2 (h)33.432.632.8134.7434.9232.863.7
CI (liter/h/m2)16.24.2
AUC (nm · h)10316298354015018497655693349915
AUC120h (nm · h)925526580358408511375222733790
Cycle 2
Cmax (nm)202.2296.0498.
tmax (h)1.5nmb1.51.5nm1.59.3
t1/2 (h)
CI (liter/h/m2)19.96.1
AUC (nm · h)250857038227703665108914313
AUC120h (nm · h)250857038227703665108912520
Cycle 3
Cmax (nm)268.5298.7567.217.917.635.5165.2
tmax (h)1.5nm1.51.5nm1.5nm
t1/2 (h)13.327.525.7110.864.431.581.5
Cl (liter/h/m2)18.36.0
AUC (nm · h)27195384830669574290115680
AUC120h (nm · h)27195345818369574290110610
  • a In cycles 1, 2, and 3, the patient received CPT-11 at a dose of 100, 30, and 30 mg/m2, respectively.

  • b nm, not reliably measurable.