Table 1

Clinical and pathobiological characteristics of 31 ovarian tumorsa

Tumor IDHistotypeStageER statusPR statusERBB2 statusSurvival
 1SerousINegNegNegAlive at 108 mo
 2UndifferentiatedIIIPosNegNegDead at 10 mo
 3UndifferentiatedIIIPosPosNegDead at 29 mo
 5SerousIIIPosPosNegAlive at 119 mo
 6SerousIIINegNegNegDead at 11 mo
 7EndometrioidIIIPosPosNegDead at 19 mo
 8UndifferentiatedIIIPosNegNegDead at 11 mo
 9EndometrioidIINegNegNegDead at 34 mo
10SerousIIIPosNegNegDead at 35 mo
11EndometrioidIIINegNegNegDead at 25 mo
12UndifferentiatedIVNegNegNegDead at 51 mo
13SerousIIINegNegNegDead at 102 mo
14SerousINegNegNegDead at 59 mo
15SerousIPosPosNegAlive at 96 mo
16SerousIINegNegNegDead at 56 mo
17SerousIIIPosPosNegDead at 72 mo
18SerousIINegNegPosDead at 3 mo
19UndifferentiatedIIINegNegNegAlive at 109 mo
20SerousIIINegNegPosDead at 5 mo
21UndifferentiatedIIINegNegNegDead at 35 mo
 1EndometrioidINegNegNegAlive at 40 mo
 2MucinousIIINegNegNegDead at 11 mo
 3EndometrioidIIPosPosNegAlive at 43 mo
 1Serous (BRCA1)IIIPosPosNegN.A.
 2Serous (BRCA1)IIIPosPosNegN.A.
 3Serous (BRCA2)IIIPosNegNegN.A.
 4Serous (BRCA2)IIINegNegNegN.A.
  • a The bolded tumor IDs are from 20q amplified tumors and are identical to Fig. 2<$REFLINK> to allow cross-reference with 20q amplifications.

  • b N.A., not available.