Table 2

Characteristics of the probes used in FISH

Clone identificationType of cloneFlpteraReferenceFunction
E2FP10.541 18 Cellular transcription factor
AIB3/AIB4P10.58 10 Not known
SRCP10.60 18 Homolog of v-src oncogene
AIB1P10.67 11 Steroid receptor coactivator
MYBL2BAC0.69 12 Transcription factor
PTPN1/PTP1BP10.78 18 Protein tyrosine phosphatase
RMC20P4001P10.82 13 Genes unknown
ZNF217BAC0.83 13 Putative transcription factor
BTAK/STK15/Aurora2PAC0.86 14 Centrosome-associated kinase
  • a Fractional length from p-telomere.