Table 2

The mRNA expression level, protein expression level, and MVD in prostate tumor with PC-3P, PC-3P(Neo), and sense IL-8 transfectants and with PC-3M-LN4, PC-3M-LN4 (AS Neo), and antisense IL-8 transfectants

Cell linemRNA expression indexaProtein expression indexbMicrovessel densityc (per ×200 field)
Sense transfection
PC-3P10010010010010010010010040 ± 9
PC-3P(Neo)11798991191089610511745 ± 6
PC-3P(IL-8)288999429530010010027551 ± 12d
PC-3P(IL-8 Low)182100961782159611119280 ± 13
PC-3P(IL-8 High)3711029634927510410527591 ± 18d
Antisense transfection
PC-3M-LN4100100100100100100100100100 ± 20
PC-3M-LN4(AS Neo)101101971021001029696104 ± 23
PC-3M-LN4(AS IL-8 High)58989468571021006747 ± 14e
  • a The intensity of the cytoplasmic color reaction was quantified by an image analyzer and compared with maximal intensity of poly d(T) color reaction in each sample. The results were presented as the number of calls for each line with PC-3P and PC-3M-LN4 defined as 100.

  • b The intensity of the cytoplasmic immunostaining was quantified by an image analyzer in three different areas of each sample to yield an average measurement and compared with the intensity of the normal epithelial cells of prostate glands and adjusted to the intensity of the cells of the tumors with parental cell line defined as 100.

  • c MVD was expressed as an average number of five highest areas identified within a single ×200 field.

  • d P < 0.005 against PC-3P and PC-3P(Neo).

  • e P < 0.005 against PC-3M-LN4 and PC-3M-LN4 and PC-3M-LN4(As Neo) (Mann-Whitney statistical comparison).