Table 1

Patient characteristics, treatment dose, and response to immunotherapy

Patient no.Age/sexDiagnosisCell doseResponseTTP (mo.)a
129/FGrade II astrocytomab1.8× 1010SD>29
237/MGrade II astrocytomab5.5× 1010SD>21
332/FAnapl. mixedb1.4× 1010PR17
449/MAnapl. oligodendroglioma1.9× 1010NE>29
546/MAnapl. ependymomab1.0× 1010PR11
669/MAnapl. astrocytoma0.6× 1010PD7
743/MGlioblastoma multiformeb3.0× 1010PR14
845/FGlioblastoma multiformeb1.0× 1010PR>29
950/MGlioblastoma multiformeb1.7× 1010PD14
1068/MGlioblastoma multiforme1.1× 1010PD7
1178/FGlioblastoma multiforme0.8× 1010PD8
1269/MGlioblastoma multiformeb1.1× 1010PD7
  • a TTP, time to progression from diagnosis (in months). SD, stable disease (>1 year from T cell transfer); PR, partial response; NE, not evaluable (due to absence of gross residual disease); PD, progressive disease; Anapl., anaplastic.

  • b Gross residual disease at the time of immunotherapy.