Table 2

Characteristics of T cells used for immunotherapy

Patient no.DiagnosisLN cell (no.)Proliferation SEA/IL-2%CD4/%CD8, initial%CD4/%CD8, final%CD25, final
1Grade II astrocytoma10× 10836×66/11NDa97
2Grade II astrocytoma11× 10851×55/966/3589
3Anapl. mixed4.9× 10830×42/1459/4073
4Anapl. oligodendroglioma3.3× 10862×63/864/33ND
5Anapl. ependymoma1.4× 10875×55/1074/2488
6Anapl. astrocytoma0.9× 10861×56/662/2258
7Glioblastoma multiforme6.5× 10854×49/676/2596
8Glioblastoma multiforme2.8× 10840×45/1270/2996
9Glioblastoma multiforme2.9× 10833×64/778/1899
10Glioblastoma multiforme2.9× 10841×62/877/1794
11Glioblastoma multiforme2.3× 10842×ND81/2098
12Glioblastoma multiforme1.6× 10819×b58/772/3199
  • a ND, not done; Anapl., anaplastic.

  • b Final proliferation after additional OKT3 stimulation and IL-2 expansion was 71×.