Table 2

Spearman’s correlation coefficients (r) and associated probabilities (P) for the correlations among mRNA levels in colorectal cancer tissues

We determined that a strong correlation would have a r value of 0.7 or above and that a weak correlation would have a r value of less than or equal to 0.5.

Normal tissue
MDR1 r 0.49080.48530.4600
P 0.0003a0.0004a0.0008a
MRP1 r 0.23310.43430.6812
P 0.10320.0016a0.0000a
MRP2 r 0.34030.58420.3585
P 0.0156a0.0000a0.0106a
MRP3 r 0.44950.70650.5563
P 0.0011a0.0000a0.0000a
  • a Significant (P < 0.05).