Table 2

MDR parameters in 104 de novo AML patients

Presented are the mean and range of the five different MDR parameters, in which Rh123 efflux-blocking factors of PSC833 and Rh123 accumulation represent P-gp function, CF efflux-blocking factors of MK-571 and CF accumulation represent MRP function, and MCB content represents GSH levels of the AML patients as compared with the GSH level of GLC4 cells (100%).

MDR parameterMeanRange
Rh123 efflux blocking by PSC8333.20.7–37.8
Rh123 accumulation (MESF units)187,0786,460–720,753
CF efflux blocking by MK-5712.41.0–7.2
CF accumulation (MESF units)209,73754,988–532,035
MCB content (%)35 0–132