Table 2

Specimens from adjacent normal skin and tumors for QT-RT-PCR RNA measurements

Patient no.Age/sexDiagnosisSites of biopsiesTIG-3 levels: normal vs. tumor
165 WMBCELeft backSimilar to NLa skin
262 WMWell-differentiated SCCNasal rootTumor > NL
370 WFBCELeft foreheadBoth low
477 WFBenign lichenoid keratosisRight legSimilar to NL control
561 WFBCCRight upper cheekNormal > tumor
666 WMSCC in situRight upper cheekBoth low
771 WMBCERight preauricularNl skin low
BCELeft preauricularN1 skin low
BCEPosterior neckN1 skin low
  • a NL, normal; W, white; M, male; F, female.