Table 1

CRAD agents

Agent nameaRegulation methodAdenoviral regionCancer typeAnti-tumor actionResearch (Ref.)Studies
CN706TRAGbE1AProstateOncolysisRodriguez et al. (7)Human trials
787TRAGE1A and E1BProstateOncolysisYu et al. (24)Animal models
AvE1a04ITRAGE1AHepatocellular carcinomaOncolysisHallenbeck et al. (21)Animal models
Adv-E1AdB-F/K20AGDCCE1AGlioblastomaOncolysisShinoura et al. (44)Cell culture
Ad.TKRCAGDCCE1BColonOncolysis and toxin (thymidine kinase)Wildner et al. (28)Animal models
DI1520AGDCCE1BHead and neck OvaryOncolysisBischoff et al. (6)Human trials
Onyx-15, CD/HSV-1, TKAGDCCE1BCancer cell linesOncolysis and toxin (thymidine kinase and cytosine deaminase)Freytag et al. (27)Cell culture
Ad5dI309AGDCCE1 and E2Cancer cell linesOncolysisMedina et al. (45)Cell culture
  • a Conditionally replicative adenoviruses engineered to date.

  • b TRAG, transcriptional regulation of adenovirus genome; AGDCC, adenoviral genome deleted to complement cellular genotype.