Table 1

Specificity for tumor cell detection using ACIS-assisted analysis (normal bone marrow versus bone marrow “spiked” with MDA-MB-468 breast carcinoma cells)

Tumor cellsTotal cases
Positive casesNegative cases
Bone marrow spiked with 4± 3 breast carcinoma cells (n = 10)10010
Bone marrow spiked with 51± 8 breast carcinoma cells (n = 10)10010
Normal bone marrow (n = 10)01010
  • Mononuclear cell preparations from normal bone marrow specimens and bone marrow to which varying numbers (range, 1–59) of MDA-MB-468 breast carcinoma cells were added were immunocytochemically stained using an alkaline phosphatase-conjugated anti-pan-cytokeratin antibody (A45-B/B3). Positive cells were visualized after incubation with the new fuchsin chromogen. The slides, each consisting of ∼500,000 cells, were then analyzed using the ACIS. Specimens with one or more carcinoma cells were classified as tumor cell positive.