Table 3

Tumor cell detection: ACIS-assisted analysis versus manual microscopy (specimens from breast cancer patients, n = 39)

ACIS-assisted analysisManual microscopy
Tumor cell positive casesTumor cell negative cases
Tumor cell positive cases917
Tumor cell negative cases310
  • Bone marrow specimens from 39 breast cancer patients were evaluated by both manual microscopy and ACIS-assisted analysis by two pathologists after immunoenzymatic staining with the BM2 monoclonal antibody and the fast red chromogen. Manual microscopy and ACIS-assisted analysis agreed on 9 positive and 10 negative cases. In 20 cases, manual microscopy and ACIS-assisted analysis disagreed. In 17 of these cases, the specimen was classified as “positive for tumor cells” after ACIS-assisted analysis but “negative for tumor cells” by manual microscopy. (These discrepant cases were further investigated as described in Table 4<$REFLINK> ).