Table 2

p53 mutations and protein overexpression in ovarian carcinomas

Case no.HistopathologySSCP resultExonCodon no.Amino acids conservedaDNA sequenceAmino acid sequenceMutation typeImb p53TS/TVc CpG
2722Serd+442NCGAT to TATAsp to TyrMissense+TV
3401Ser+449, 50NCGAT ATT to GAGraphicTTFrameshift2-bp Del
715Ser473NCGTG to TTGVal to LeuMissense+TV
3391Endo+4nt 12301CoCGgt to CGaIntron 45′ splice junTV
2658Undiff+5nt 13053CoagTA to ggTAIntron 43′ splice jun+TS
3355Endo+5nt 13053CoagTA to ggTAIntron 43′ splice jun+TS
1557Ser+5130CoCTC to GTCLeu to ValMissense+TV
3400Ser+5132CoAAG to AGGLys to ArgMissense+TS
1282Ser+5132CoAAG to ACGLys to ThrMissense+TV
ov 70Ser+5135CoTGC to TGGCys to TrpMissense+TV
3367Ser+5136CoCAA to TAAGln to StopNonsenseTS
687Ser+5136CoCAA to TAAGln to StopNonsenseTS
2335Endo+5141CoTGC to TGGCys to TrpMissense+TV
2745Ser+5151NCCCC to CACPro to HisMissense+TV
3389Mixed+5158NCCGC to CCCArg to ProMissense+TV
824Mixed+5159NCGCC to GTCAla to ValMissense+TS;CpG
704Ser+5160NCATG to AAGMet to LysMissense+TV
769Ser+5163NCTAC to TGCTyr to CysMissense+TS
2354Brenner+5163NCTAC to TGCTyr to CysMissense+TS
713Ser+5166NCTCA to TGASer to StopNonsenseTV
2650Undiff+5175CoCGC to CACArg to HisMissense+TS;CpG
3371Mixed+5175CoCGC to CACArg to HisMissense+TS;CpG
762Ser+5175CoCGC to CACArg to HisMissense+TS;CpG
1270Ser+5175CoCGC to CACArg to HisMissense+TS;CpG
3354Ser+5179CoCAT to GATHis to AspMissense+TV
3529Ser+5179CoCAT to TATHis to TyrMissense+TS
698Adenoca+5179CoCAT to CGTHis to ArgMissense+TS
2716Mixed+5179CoCAT to CGTHis to ArgMissense+TS
2721Ser+5nt 13240TGgt to TGgcIntron 55′-splice junTS
3353Undiff+6192NCCAG to TAGGln to StopNonsenseTS
ov 59Ser+6193NCCAT to CGTHis to ArgMissense+TS
2719Ser+6193–195NCCATCTTATC to GCCCCTHis, Leu, Ile to Ala, ProDel/Ins+
2309Undiff+6195NCATC to AACIle to AsnMissense+TV
805Ser+6201NCTTG to TTTLeu to PheMissense+TV
2352Ser+6203NCGTG to TTGVal to LeuMissense+TV
2733Ser+6213NCCGA to CTAArg to LeuMissenseTV
2737Ser6215NCAGT to GTFrameshift1-bp Del/Nonsense
2349Ser+6216NCGTG to TTGVal to LeuMissense+TV
241Ser6220NCTAT to TGTTyr to CysMissense+TS
3373Ser+7nt 13999agGT to aaGTIntron 63′ splice jun+TS
ov 49Ser+7227NCTCT to TCAAsp to SerMissense+TV
3379Ser+7234CoTAC to TCCTyr to SerMissense+TV
2344Clear+7234CoTAC to TGCTyr to CysMissenseTS
2717Ser+7234CoTAC to TGCTyr to CysMissense+TS
2656Endo+7237CoATG to ATTMet to IleMissense+TV
3344Endo+7239/240CoAAC to AAC TTALeu ins3-bp Ins+
2659Endo+7242CoTGC to TACCys to TyrMissense+TS
790Mixed+7242CoTGC to TTCCys to PheMissense+TV
2338Endo+7242CoTGC to TTCCys to PheMissense+TV
2724Endo+7242CoTGC to AGCCys to SerMissense+TV
2730Ser+7243CoATG to GTGMet to ValMissense+TS
665Ser+7244CoGGC to AGCGly to SerMissense+TS
1752Muc+7245CoGGC to AGCGly to SerMissense+TS;CpG
1559Ser+7245CoGGC to GACGly to AspMissense+TS;CpG
3540Ser+7248CoCGG to CAGArg to GluMissense+TS;CpG
802Endo+7248CoCGG to TGGArg to TrpMissense+TS;CpG
249Ser+7248CoCGG to CAGArg to GlnMissense+TS;CpG
3403Undiff+7249, 250CoAGG CCC to AGT TCCArg, Pro to Ser, SerDble-Missense+TV,TS
2364Ser+7251, 252CoATC CTC to ATCLeu del3-bp Del+
1589Ser+7253CoACC to CCCThr to ProMissense+TV
2651Undiff+7254–256CoATC ATC ACA to AFrameshift8-bp Del
2001Ser+7255CoATC to AGCIle to SerMissenseTV
2337Endo+7258CoGAA to TAAGlu to StopNonsense+TV
2341Ser+7258CoGAA to TAAGlu to StopNonsenseTV
3362Undiff+7259NCGAC to TACAsp to TyrMissense+TV
3347Ser+7nt 14110AGgt to AGttIntron 75′ splice junTV
2725Ser+8nt 14449tagTG to aagTGIntron 73′ splice jun+TV
767Ser+8264NCCTA to TAFrameshift1-bp Del+
696Ser+8264, 265NCCTA CTG to CTGLeu, Leu to Leu3-bp Del+
3364Muc+8266NCGGA to CGAGly to ArgMissense+TV
ov45Ser+8266NCGGA to AGAGly to ArgMissense+TS
2341Ser+8267NCCGG to CCGArg to ProMissenseTV
2332Endo+8267NCCGG to CCGArg to ProMissense+TV
2708Mixed8271CoGAG to TAGGlu to StopNonsenseTV
2155Ser8272CoGTG to ATGVal to MetMissense+TS
2732Ser8272CoGTG to TTGVal to LeuMissense+TV
3346Ser+8273CoCGT to CATArg to HisMissense+TS;CpG
3358Undiff+8273CoCGT to CATArg to HisMissense+TS;CpG
3382Endo+8273CoCGT to CTTArg to LeuMissense+TV
2715Ser8273CoCGT to TGTArg to CysMissense+TS;CpG
693Ser+8273CoCGT to TGTArg to CysMissense+TS;CpG
700Ser8273CoCGT to GGTArg to GlyMissense+TV
2718Ser+8275CoTGT to TATCys to TyrMissense+TS
ov 93Ser+8275CoTGT to GGTCys to GlyMissense+TV
ov 164Ser+8275CoTGT to GGTCys to GlyMissense+TV
2326Mixed+8276CoGCC to GTCAla to ValMissense+TS
3385Endo+8280CoAGA to AGTArg to SerMissense+TV
2328Ser+8280CoAGA to ATAArg to IleMissense+TV
1751Ser+8281CoGAC to GAAAsp to GluMissense+TV
2182Endo+8281CoGAC to GAGAsp to GluMissenseTV
ov 72Ser+8281CoGAC to CACAsp to HisMissense+TV
3351Ser+8282CoCGG to TGGArg to TrpMissense+TS;CpG
1756Clear+8282CoCGG to TGGArg to TrpMissense+TS;CpG
1254Ser+8286CoGAA to GTAGlu to ValMissense+TV
3386Ser+8300NCCCC to GraphicCCFrameshift1-bp Del+
3461Endo+8301NCCCA to CCC AFrameshift1-bp Ins
2339Ser+9nt 14680agCA to aaCAIntron 83′ splice junTS
1749Undiff+9311NCAAC to AAGraphicFrameshift1-bp Del
3402Endo+9320NCAAG to AGraphicGFrameshift1-bp Del+
3394Undiff+9324NCGAT to GGraphicTFrameshift1-bp Del+
  • a According to Cho et al. (61) .

  • b Im p53, immunostaining for p53.

  • c TS/TV, transition/transversion.

  • d Ser, serous; Endo, endometrioid; Undiff, undifferentiated; Muc, mucinous; Clear, clear cell; Mixed, mixed epithelial, nt, nucleotide.