Table 5

Proliferative response of CD4+ PBLs to TetA830 peptide

SI values for all patients evaluated are shown in the table. Positive responses are those with a SI ≥4. The mean increases in reactivity were 3-, 108-, and 21-fold for the three groups. The results from patients with CTL responses to the gp100 peptide are shown in bold and were: patient 1120, who had a strong helper response; patient 1108, who had no helper response but was not vaccinated with the helper peptide; and patient 1105, who also was not vaccinated with the helper peptide.
Vaccinating peptide and adjuvantSI% of positive response to TetA830
 Montanide ISA-513.6; 3; 2; 1; 113
 QS-21141; 0
Mixture of gp100280 and TetA830
 Montanide ISA-51403; 11860
 QS-21161; 0
Chimera gp100280–TetA830
 Montanide ISA-5148; 25186
 QS-2131; 26; 10; 8