Table 2

Comparisons of tumor growth inhibition and survival between the various 131I- and 90Y-labeled cPAM4 treatment groups

TreatmentnMean size of tumors at nadir (± SD)Time when nadir reached (wk)Median survival time (wk)No. of survivors at wk 26 (disease-free)a
Untreated10N/AbN/A61 (1)
350 μCi 131I10N/AN/A132 (2)
525 μCi 131I8N/AN/A120
700 μCi 131I80.61 cm3 (0.24)717.51 (1)
130 μCi 90Y80.78 cm3 (0.61)6162 (1)
175 μCi 90Y80.33 cm3 (0.40)7>264 (4)
220 μCi 90Y70.10 cm3 (0.07)9>265 (2)
260 μCi 90Y70.19 cm3 (0.13)10>266 (4)
  • a At week 26, any surviving mice were humanely sacrificed and examined by necropsy for macroscopic signs of internal metastasis. Any solid mass at the tumor transplant site was removed and examined histologically to confirm the lack of tumor cells.

  • b N/A, the mean tumor sizes for these mice never regressed below the initial tumor sizes.