Table 3

Statistical analysis comparing the effect of the MTDs of 90Y- and 131I-labeled cPAM4 on survival and tumor growth

Treatment 1 vs.Treatment 2Median survival timeaNormalized tumor growth (wk 11)
260 μCi 90YUntreated>4.33d0.0008N/AeN/A
700 μCi 131I>1.49d0.00180.130.0351
700 μCi 131IUntreated2.910.0233N/AN/A
  • a Survival is defined as the time for a tumor to become greater than 5.0 cm3.

  • b Ratio of median survival times. Values >1.00 indicate that the first treatment group had longer survival.

  • c Ratio of average normalized tumor size at week 11. Values <1.00 indicate that the first treatment group had less tumor growth.

  • d These ratios have a (>) sign because the experimental end point was 26 weeks, and there were still mice alive in the 260-μCi 90Y-treatment group at this time point. Therefore, these ratios reflect the fact that the median for these mice was actually >26 weeks.

  • e N/A, 9 of 10 untreated mice did not survive to week 11 and, therefore, could not be analyzed.