Table 1

Antitumor efficacy of SG-liposomal falconensones against reticulum cell sarcoma (M5076)a

PreparationDose (μm)Survival time (days)% ILSb
Falconensone A5018.11.0c18.128.2
Falconensone A-Br5021.31.0c21.150.0
Falconensone A-Ox5023.31.9c23.164.1
  • a Antitumor activity was evaluated by comparing the mean survival time of the treated animals with that of the controls.

  • b Percentage ILS, [(T/C − 1) × 100 (%)], where T and C represent the median survival time (days) of the treated and control animals, respectively.

  • c P < 0.001, significantly different from control.