Table 3

Additional blood coagulation tests measured weekly during 6 weeks after the first administration of PNU-145156E in seven patients with solid tumors

Coagulation testNormal valuesBaselineCoagulant nadirNadir reached (days)
PTT (s)24–3830.626.2–36.229.824.4–35.414
PT (s)11–1613.311.7–16.613.211.9–15.449
AT III (%)70–1309372–1288163–10814
Protein C activity (%)70–1309334–1499085–11421
Protein C antigen (%)75–16110068–1509067–10021
Protein S antigen (%)69–13610699–14911462–14735
Thrombin time (s)13.0–1915.614.0––17.814
Plasminogen (%)70–130129117–1367676–7614
  • a nAPC-SR, normalized activated protein C-standard ratio; NA, not available.