Table 1

Decrease in the mitochondrial transmembrane potential (ΔΨm) of human MM cell lines upon treatment with a combination of ADR and Apo2L/TRAILa

ControlMean fluorescence intensity
8226/S21.9 ± 3.531.4 ± 3.466.2 ± 6.9
8226/Dox4014.2 ± 0.926.3 ± 6.352.6 ± 1.3
  • a Mitochondrial depolarization of MM cells upon combination treatment with ADR + Apo2L/TRAIL. MM cell lines were either left untreated or treated with 0.1 μg/ml ADR (18 h), 5 ng/ml TRAIL (6 h), or ADR + Apo2L/TRAIL (18 h pretreatment with 0.1 μg/ml ADR, followed by 6 h treatment with 5 ng/ml Apo2L/TRAIL). The cells were then stained with the mitochondrial-specific dye DiOC6(3) to detect mitochondrial depolarization (ΔΨm), as described in “Materials and Methods.” The results are representative of the mean ± SE of two separate experiments.