Table 1

The expression of MAGE genes according to pathological stages in bladder and upper tract urothelial cancersa,b

Pathological stageNo. of tumorsNo. of MAGE + tumors
MAGE-1MAGE-2MAGE-3Any of three
Bladder cancer
<pT1171111 (6%)
pT2≤114368 (73%)c
Total285479 (32%)
Upper tract urothelial cancer
<pT142112 (50%)
pT2≤43444 (100%)
Total85556 (75%)
  • a Clinical tissue samples were obtained from the patients at the time of surgery performed at Keio University Hospital.

  • b Expression of MAGE genes was detected by RT-PCR amplification of total RNA isolated from each sample using specific oligonucleotide primers.

  • c Statistical significance between stages <pT1 and pT2≤ was analyzed by Mann-Whitney nonparametric U test. P = 0.0003.