Table 2

The expression of MAGE genes and HLA typing in established bladder cancer cell linesa,b

Cell linePathologyMAGE-1MAGE-2MAGE-3HLA-A2HLA-A24
KU-7TCC, G1++±++++
KU-19-19TCC, G3+++++
T24TCC, G2+±++
FYTCC, G3+++++++++
  • a Expression of MAGE genes was detected by RT-PCR amplification of total RNA isolated from cell lysates of each cell line using specific oligonucleotide primers.

  • b The relative levels of gene expression were determined as follows: the strongest positive band was defined as 100% and graded “−” for no expression; ±, <2% positive; +, 2–25% positive; ++, 26–50% positive; +++, >50% positive.