Table 3

Patients’ profiles and responses to DC vaccination

HLA-A24MAGE-3Sites of tumorsNo. of DC vaccinationsClinical responsePrevious treatmentSurvivala
Right inguinal LNbRadical cystectomy
F.Y.++Para-aorta LN6Complete responsecChemotherapy2d
75 yr FRight external iliac LNRadiation
G.K. 65 yr M++Iliac LN Para-aorta LN Liver Braine18Partial response of para-aorta LN and complete response of liver metastasis overall progressionRadical cystectomy Chemotherapy Radiation8
N.H. 64 yr M++Bilateral inguinal LN Perineum6Partial responseTURBT Chemotherapy Radiation5
N.T.++Local recurrence6Progressive diseaseRadical cystectomy2
56 yr MPleural disseminationChemotherapy
  • a Survival is defined as months to death after the DC vaccination.

  • b LN, lymph node.

  • c Determined by autopsy.

  • d Death attributable to perforation of small intestine.

  • e Solitary brain metastasis developed 6 months after the DC vaccination and was surgically removed.