Table 1

Characteristics of patients with adenomas responsive and resistant to sulindac treatment

Duration of treatmentNo. of polyps studiedAgeSexAPC mutationIleorectal anastomosis/intact colonBaseline polyp count/size (mm)
Responsive patients
 I12 mo232FNot testedIRAa19/2.2
 II36 mo242FCodon 423IRA47/2.5
 III54 mo452FNot testedIRA10/2.2
 IV45 mo124FSegmentbIRA29/3.5
 V38 mo235FNot testedIRA16/2.1
 VI9 mo323FCodon 541IRA11/2.2
Resistant patients
 VII48 mo13136MCodon 827IRA80/3.8
 VIII30 mo1125FCodon 1061IRA7/3.1
 IX9 mo7223MCodon 625Intact colon34/4
  • a IRA, ileorectal anastomosis.

  • b Segment 1, codons 1–804 of the APC gene.