Table 1

Tumor regression and CR in mouse xenografts treated with CPT-11 and flavopiridol

Tumors derived from p21-intact Hct116 cells were established and treated with CPT-11 alone or CPT-11 followed by flavopiridol after 4, 7, or 16 h and measured as described in “Materials and Methods.”

TreatmentTumor regression (day 30),a %CR,b % (n)
CPT-1140 ± 250% (0/10)
CPT-114 hF60 ± 170% (0/10)
CPT-117 hF86 ± 930% (3/10)
CPT-1116 hF82 ± 529% (2/7)
  • a The tumor regression was calculated as ratio of difference between baseline and final tumor volume to the baseline volume.

  • b The CR is defined as the number of animals without tumors relative to the total number of animals in the treatment group.