Table 2

RANTES contenta in biopsy specimens from primary tumor or metastatic lesions of the lymph node or skin and from postoperative or perioperative skin or mucosa from patients with breast cancer or cervical cancer, either progressive or in remissionb

Tumor lesions (29)Metastatic lymph node or skin from breast cancer (11)Postoperative skin or mucosa and normal perioperative skin or mucosa (30)Normal level of healthy controlse (15)
Breast cancer (12)Cervical cancer (17)Breast cancerCervical cancerSkin (7)Cervical mucosa (11)e
Invasive (10)CIS (7)Progressivec (8)In remissionc (10)Progressived (6)In remissiond (6)
1,032 ± 120f450 ± 61g300 ± 42h984 ± 115f201 ± 24i27.8 ± 3.5152 ± 22f3.7 ± 0.522.6 ± 3.13.4 ± 0.4
  • a RANTES levels in the skin, mucosa, lymph node, and tumor are expressed as pg/mg protein.

  • b Parentheses denotes the number of the cases tested.

  • c Disease activity of breast cancer was diagnosed by tumor markers, progression of the tumor itself, or appearance of metastasis.

  • d Disease activity of cervical cancer was diagnosed by relapse of malignancy by rectal and vaginal examination, and/or biopsy.

  • e The women undergoing cervical biopsy that was diagnosed as normal.

  • f P < 0.0001 versus normal level of healthy controls.

  • g P < 0.000001 versus normal level of healthy controls.

  • h P < 0.00001 versus normal level of healthy controls.

  • i P < 0.001 versus normal level of healthy controls.