Table 4

Comparison of the enhancement of efficacy of BCNU by BG and dBG against SWB77, SWB40, SWB61, and D-54 human glial tumor xenografts in athymic mice

TumorBCNUa mg/m2dBG or BG mg/m2No. of animalsNo. of deathsWeight loss Mean %No. of regressionsMedian to 5× treatment volumeT-Cb Days
SWB7735250 (dBG)14012144130
30180 (BG)1201182211
SWB4035250 (dBG)13010114029
30180 (BG)12012113120
SWB6135250 (dBG)1201092614
30180 (BG)12011102412
D-5435250 (dBG)1201292416
30180 (BG)1201031810
  • a BCNU stock 10 mg/ml in 100% ethanol was diluted to appropriate concentrations with 5% ethanol. dBG was dissolved in 40% PEG in PBS. BCNU was injected i.p. (injection volume, 0.15–0.2 ml/animal) 2 h after treatment with i.p. dBG (injection volume, 0.2–0.3 ml/animal).

  • b T-C tumor growth delay as compared with untreated controls. All values were statistically significant as compared with untreated controls.