Table 1

Immunohistochemical detection of COX-2 in squamous cell carcinoma in the urinary bladder

PatientHistopathological findingsCOX-2 expression
% positive cellsIntensity
1G1, pT3a>80Very high
2G2, vpT3b>80Very high
3aG1, pTx>80Very high
4G3, pT3b>80Very high
5G3, pT3b>60High
6G1, pT3b>80Very high
7G3, pT4>80Very high
8G1, pT3b>80High
9G3, pT4>80Very high
10G3, pT3b>80Very high
11G3, pT3a>80Very high
12G3, pT4>80Very high
13G1, pT3b>80Very high
14G1, pT4>80Very high
15G1, pT3b>80Very high
16aG1, pTx>80Very high
17G3, pT3b>80Very high
18Normal epitheliumNone
19Normal epitheliumNone
20Normal epitheliumNone
21Normal epitheliumNone
22Normal epitheliumNone
  • a All patients had invasive tumors and underwent radical resection of the tumor, except patients 3 and 16, who were inoperable and underwent transurethral biopsy of the tumor.