Table 4

IFN-γ ELISPOT data in HLA-A2 positive patients: ALVAC-CEA B7.1 with GM-CSF

ALVAC-CEA-B7.1 was injected at 4.5 × 108 pfu with GM-CSF. Patients were vaccinated every 2 weeks for 8 weeks. Patients receiving GM-CSF injections began 2 days before each vaccination. Two-hundred and fifty μg was injected s.c. daily for a total of 5 days. Results are expressed as a precursor frequency of IFN-γ-secreting cells. PBMCs from HLA-A2-positive patients from baseline and after four vaccinations (post) were used as effector cells. PBMCs were seeded at a concentration of 1 × 105/well in six wells. Cells were cultured for 24 h in the presence of CIR-A2 cells pulsed with a 9-mer CEA peptide (CAP1 agonist CAP1-6D). A 9-mer Flu peptide 58–66 was used as a control. A smaller number in the denominator of the precursor frequency expresses a higher number of precursors.
PatientTreatment (pfu)SampleFlu precursor frequencyRatio of post/pre (Flu)CEA precursor frequencyRatio of post/pre (CEA)
434.5 × 108Baseline1/35,2940.81/200,0003.0
250 μg GM-CSFPost1/46,1531/66,667
444.5 × 108Baseline1/28,5711.11/66,6677.1
250 μg GM-CSFPost1/25,0001/9,375
514.5 × 108Baseline1/3,9220.51/6,0611.0
250 μg GM-CSFPost1/8,3331/5,941
524.5 × 108Baseline1/18,7500.4<1/200,000≥3.3
250 μg GM-CSFPost1/46,1541/60,000
534.5 × 108Baseline1/20,6900.81/300,0003.0
250 μg GM-CSFPost1/27,2731/100,000
594.5 × 108Baseline<1/200,000≥1.01/200,0003.0
250 μg GM-CSFPost<1/200,0001/66,667
634.5 × 108Baseline1/100,0001.31/85,7142.9
250 μg GM-CSFPost1/75,0001/30,000
654.5 × 108Baseline1/60,0001.21/100,0001.3
250 μg GM-CSFPost1/50,0001/75,000
674.5 × 108Baseline1/150,0000.81/150,0002.0
250 μg GM-CSFPost1/200,0001/75,000