Table 3

Maximum toxic effects (n = 12)

Toxic effectsNumber of patients
CTCa grade 2CTC grade 3CTC grade 4
 Neutropenic fever100
 Peripheral neuropathy110
 Creatinine elevation000
 Orthostatic hypotension020
 Allergic reactionb1c1d0
 Skin reactionb (folliculitis-like reaction)02e0
  • a CTC, National Cancer Institute Common Toxicity Criteria.

  • b Related to C225 infusion.

  • c Dose of C225: 100 mg/m2;

  • ,d Dose of C225: 500 mg/m2.

  • e One patient had received a loading dose of 100 mg/m2; one had received 500 mg/m2.