Table 2

Influences of neoadjuvant Arimidex on ER, PgR, Ki67, pS2, and percentage of apoptotic cells (IHC)

All of the values are given as arithmetric means. Pretreatment levels were compared to on-treatment levels after 2 weeks (0/2 wk) and 15 weeks (0/15 wk) using the Wilcoxon matched-pair signed rank test, and the Friedman test was used to test for differences among all three situations. Comparisons between subgroups of responders and nonresponders were performed using the Mann-Whitney U test. IHC data are not given for subgroups after 2 weeks on treatment with anastrozole because of the small number of evaluable true-cut biopsies (n = 7–8).
PretreatmentArimidex (2 wk)Arimidex (15 wk)% change (0/15 wk)Friedman testP for change (0/2 wk)P for change (0/15 wk)P between subgroups
ER (%)a
 All patients73.365.971.6−
PgR (%)
 All patients42.727.35.3−63.9%0.01190.06250.0117n.s.
 All patients17.311.37.7−63.1%0.00070.03220.0033n.s. (0.0679)
 All patients43.63.216.1−71.7%0.00020.00510.0033n.s.
Apoptolic cells
 All patients1.31.21.5−23.2%0.49660.3863n.s.0.0446
 Responders1.10.7−42.9%n.s. (0.0747)
  • a ER (%), percentage of tumor cells staining positive.

  • b n.s., not significant.