Table 3

p53 and pRb immunohistochemistry staining by chromosome 9 aneuploidy and 9p21 abnormalities, respectively

In A, 9c ≤ 2 refers to samples with no evidence of chromosome 9 aneuploidy, whereas 9c > 2 refers to samples with evidence of chromosome 9 aneuploidy. Fisher’s exact test for association of p53 staining with chromosome 9 ploidy reveal P = 0.07. In B, 9p21 normal refers to samples in which the number of 9p21 signals was equal to the number of chromosome 9 centromere signals, and 9p21 abnormal refers to samples in which there was a relative loss or evidence of monosomy 9. There is no statistically significant relationship between pRb immunohistochemistry and any chromosome 9 loss.
A. p53 vs. chromosome 9 ploidy
p53 normalp53 increased
9c ≤ 2137
9c > 2815
B. pRb vs. chromosome 9 deletions
9p21 normal9p21 abnormal
pRb nl716
pRb absent28
pRb increased37