Table 4

Effect of intervening oral taxane (BMS-275183) therapy given between courses of i.v. paclitaxel treatments in mice bearing staged s.c. mammary 16/C carcinoma (experiment A)

Treatment (mg/kg/injection)Effect
Paclitaxel qd 10-14, i.v.BMS-275183 qd 21-25, p.o.Paclitaxel qd 32-36, i.v.T-C(cures/total)a
303040.5 (2/8)
203018.5 (1/8)
202020>55.0 (4/8)
20132036.0 (1/8)
  • a Cures assessed on day 88 after tumor implant. T-C, difference in days between treated and control mice with regard to the median times needed to have tumors grow to 1 g. There were eight mice/treatment group.