Table 1

List of differentially expressed genes in the ESCC cell lines HKESC-1 and HKESC-2 when compared with one corresponding, morphologically normal, esophageal epithelium tissue specimen (N) from the HKESC-2-related patient using cDNA expression array

LocationName of geneIntensity Ratio
Genes up-regulated in both ESCC cell lines
 Oncogene/Tumor suppressor genes
  A2b IGFBP-2 6.96.0
  A3b Snon 7.26.0
  A3i rhoA (MDR protein) 2.83.9
  A3k DCC 5.13
  A4b APC 2.63.9
  A4c BRCA2 30029/042730/0
  A4f Fra-1 10.87.8
  A4g Ezrin 21936/036475/0
  A4h JUN-D 35.460.6
  A4j PEP1 3.64.8
  A4k EB1 2.63.0
  A4l C-CBL 2.72.2
  A4m SmadI 3.23.0
  A4n Neogenin 2.43.2
 Cell cycle-related genes
  A5e Id-1 3.43.7
  A5g P58/GTA1 4.02.2
  A6g Cyclin D1 2.12.3
  A6l Cyclin B1 2.43.2
  A6m Cyclin E 3.53.3
  A7b Cyclin G2 2.43.1
  A7d p35 6.97.2
  A7l C-1 2.62.6
  A7m CDC25B 2.02.5
 Apoptosis-associated genes
  C1i Adenosine A1 receptor 22.25.9
  C4l Apopain 8.713.7
 Genes for DNA synthesis/repair/recombination proteins
  C6d XRCC1 3.22.9
  C6l DNA Topoisomerase II 14759/022201/0
  C7n Dnase X 5.14.4
 Genes for DNA binding/transcription factors
  D1c CCAT-binding protein 9.98.8
  D1d Id-3 6.56.6
  D1e BTEB2 7.49.0
  D1g Id-2 9.87.6
  D1l TAX 3.04.4
  D1n CNBP 4.32.1
  D2a CCAAT displacement protein 4.24.5
  D2c APRF 33987/029011/0
  D2d hSNF2b 42.240.7
  D2f TAXREB67 39440/049383/0
  D2i TCF5 37478/023080/0
  D3a hSNF2a 7.14.2
  D3b DB1 316.5225.0
  D3c D-binding protein 37796/021621/0
  D3g PAX-8 13.67.2
  D3j P15 subunit 38725/040864/0
  D3k Guanine nucleotide-binding protein G-S 33.049.2
  D4c AP-2 7.14.9
  D4j NF-E1 34506/015924/0
  D5k PAX3 24.810.6
  D7k TAFII31 7.04.8
 Genes for signal proteins
  F5a NGF-2 16.74.6
  F5b MIP2α 39223/019827/0
  F5f IL-8 39239/011638/0
Genes down-regulated in both ESCC cell lines
 Gene for iron channel/transport protein
  B1b MAL protein 1/3.30/11989
 Genes for signal transduction
  B4g Guanine nucleotide regulatory protein NET1 0/285641/23.7
  B5j Protein kinase c-β II 0/295880/29588
  B6b cAMP-dependent protein kinase α-subunit 0/410601/304
  B6n EPLG3 0/223041/2.5
 Genes for cell signaling proteins
  F1a Somatomedin A 0/195600/19560
  F1k FMLP-related receptor I 0/292200/29220
  F2j RANTES protein T-cell specific 0/368681/3.2