Table 1

Clinical summary

CasesaAge (yr)PresentationFollow-up (months)
Group I
143Mass6; alive, NEDb
252MassLost to FUc
360MammographyLost to FU
470MammographyDCIS at 24 months
Alive; NED at 36 months
558MammographyDied of renal disease, 24 months; NED
649MassLost to FU
786Mammography6; alive, NED
865Mass84; alive, NED
958MammographyLost to FU
Group II
165Mammography72; alive, NED
244Mammography70; alive, NED
353Mammography65; alive, NED
463Mammography60; alive, NED
537MammographyLost to FU
636Mammography6; alive, NED
739MammographyLost to FU
848Mammography72; alive, NED
946Mammography78; alive, NED
  • a Group 1, patients with paired ADH and UDH; group II, patients with pure UDH only.

  • b NED, no evidence of disease.

  • c Lost to FU, lost to follow-up. Hospital cancer registry had no record of further malignant diagnosis.