Table 2

Genetic changes of ADH and adjacent UDH (group I)

CaseDistancea (mm)ADHUDHConcurrenceb (%)
133q11-q21−, 8p12-pter−, 16q−, 20−8p12-pter−, 16q−50
27No changeNo change
341q+, 10+, 11q12-13+, 16p+, 16q−1q+, 16q−40
41.516q−, 20p−16q−, 20p−100
5316q−, 17p−, 21q11-q21−16q−, 17p−, 21q11-q21−100
65No changeNo change
76.5No change8−, 9−, 10p−, 11q14-qter−, 12+, 18−, 20+, X−0
81.5No changeNo change
91.58q21-qter+, 14q+, 16q−, 17p−16q−,17p−50
  • a Distance between ADH and UDH on the same slide.

  • b Concurrence calculated as the fraction of changes in ADH also seen in accompanying UDH.