Table 1

IC50 values for doxorubicin in the MCF-7 cell line and the oncogene-overexpressing counterparts

To examine the cell survival in different doxorubicin concentrations, the cells were plated at 5000 cells/well in 96-well plates. Each doxorubicin concentration (0–1 μm) was tested in triplicate. Cell survival was tested using the sulforhodamine assay (22) . The data were adjusted to a logistic model to calculate the doxorubicin IC50 and the confidence intervals, which appear within parentheses. The data presented correspond to one representative experiment of at least three independent replicates.
Cell lineIC50 (confidence interval)Fold increase
MCF-70.1 (0.05; 0.2)Reference
MCF/pZipNeo0.09 (0.01; 0.2)Reference
MCF/Raf-10.32 (0.16; 0.48)3.2
MCF/ΔRaf-10.9 (0.2; 1.56)9
MCF/GFPΔRaf-1:AR (ethanol)0.16 (0.01; 0.6)1.6
MCF/GFPΔRaf-1:AR (testosterone)1.2 (0.6; 1.8)12
MCF/Ha-v-Ras0.5 (0.3; 0.7)5