Table 2

Clinical history of patients’ derived tumors

Tumor modelSpecimenHistotypeGrade
HOC76Ascites (R)PAC;c Taxol® (3 cycles)Serous3
HOC79Ascites (R)DDP; DOX + CTX; mitoxantrone + ifosfamide + Taxol® (1 cycle)Endometrioid2
HOC84Ascites (R)DDP; Taxol® (2 cycles)Serous3
HOC94/2Ascites (R)PAC, Taxol® (6 cycles)Serous2
HOC106Tumor (R)PAC, Taxol® (6 cycles)Serous3
HOC107Tumor (R)PAC, Taxol® (6 cycles)Serous3
HOC109Peritoneal nodule (R)Carboplatin, Taxol® (7 cycles)Endometrioid2
HOC110Ascites (R)CarboplatinSerous2
HOC119Tumor (I)NoneClear cells3
HOC130Tumor (I)NoneSerous3
MNB-PTX1Ascites (R)PAC, Taxol® (6 cycles)Serous2
MNB-PTX2Peritoneal nodule (R)Carboplatin, Taxol® (7 cycles)Endometrioid2
  • a Type of specimen from which tumor xenografts were derived; (I), primary tumor; (R), recurrent tumor.

  • b Patients’ treatment at time of injection into nude mice; the number of cycles of Taxol®-containing regimen are indicated.

  • c Abbreviations: PAC, cisplatin + doxorubicin + cyclophosphamide; DDP, cisplatin; CTX, cyclophosphamide; DOX, doxorubicin.