Table 1

MVD in excised tumors

EGFR-sense73 ± 3.09
EGFR-antisense35.33 ± 3.340.0025 vs. EGFR-sense
Endostatin19.33 ± 2.050.0019 vs. EGFR-sense
Combination1.33 ± 0.470.0023 vs. EGFR-sense
0.013 vs. EGFR-antisense
0.0025 vs. endostatin
  • a 1483 HNSCC tumors were resected from mice at the experimental end point. Resected tumors were sectioned and stained as described in the text. Microvessel densities (MVD) were determined by counting CD31-positive endothelial cells in the sections and presented as mean ± SE positive cells/field determined from measurements of three “hot-spot” fields (17) .

  • b P of each treatment was calculated using Student’s t test (two-tailed).