Table 4

Comparison of marker status of LTS to STS GBMs

Results for p53 protein, EGFR, and mdm2 are expressed as the percentage of positive cases within each group. p53 gene is expressed as percentage of mutations in exons 5–8. Except for Ki-67, Ps are from Fisher’s exact test. Ki-67 indices are expressed as medians and are compared using a Mann-Whitney test. The SDs/SEs for the Ki-67 are LTS: 19.0/3.0 and STS 16.5/2.4.

p53 protein85% (35/41)56% (27/48)<0.01
p53 gene25% (5/20)31% (8/26)1.0
EGFR12% (5/41)25% (12/48)0.12
mdm245% (18/40)75% (36/48)<0.01
Ki-6715.7 (range 3.4–85.2)28.1 (range 6.2–69.9)<0.01