Table 5

Multimarker profile comparison of LTS and STS patients

Since STS patients were more likely to be p53-negative, mdm2-positive, and have a higher Ki-67 labeling index, the number of cases from each group showing each pairwise profile and the combination of all three. Ki-67 scores were dichotomized, where “Ki-67+” indicates a labeling index of >20%.

mdm2+/Ki-67+11/41 (27%)27/48 (56%)<0.01
p53−/Ki-67+2/41 (5%)16/48 (33%)<0.01
p53−/mdm2+3/41 (7%)16/48 (33%)<0.01
p53−/mdm2+/Ki-67+1/41 (2%)13/48 (27%)<0.01